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Book Chapters

Santos-Teachout, R et al: Book: Physical Health of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities (1st ed)(Chapter IX).Blackwell Publishing, 350 Main st, Malden, MA 02148-5018, United States of America 2002
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Santos-Teachout, R et al: Oral Health Care (Chapter IV) 
Community Supports for Aging with Lifelong Disabilities(1st ed.). Baltimore, Paul H. Books Publishing Co. Inc. PO Box 10624 Baltimore, Maryland 2185-0624, United States of America 2000
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Santos-Teachout, Rosemeire: Health Guidelines for Adults with an Intellectual Disability, CLINICAL BULLETIN of the DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES  PROGRAM, The UNIVERSITY of WESTERN ONTARIOISSN 1188-3936, Vol. 1 3 - No. 3, September 2002. 
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Santos, R., et al: Antibody response to Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans in individuals with Down Syndrome. Special Care Dentistry, Vol 16 (2) 80-83, 1996. United States of America

Santos, R.: Ethylene oxide as sterilization method for dental instruments.
The Ohio State University
Sterilization Monitoring Service
Spore Check Newsletter
Vol.6 No.2, Summer 1989, United States of America


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Survey study of the dental care received by individuals with developmentally disabilities living in residential homes integrated with New York Finger Lakes Developmentally Disability Service Office  R.Santos, C.Meyerowitz, H.Malmstrom, S.Sulkes, M.Moss,T. Roach 
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United States of America

Antibody binding to AA by serum from Brazilian Down syndrome patients.
R.Santos, P.Marucha, W. Johnston, P.Casamassimo, S. Rosen, J.Shanfeld
J Dent Res 73 (IADR Abstract) 159, 1994

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