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We provide dental care to children, adults and senior individuals.

We believe in high standard of care by educating as much as possible our patients about their oral condition. We interact with our patients in a level of understanding the type of treatments they are receiving, at what cost and measuring the outcome of the treatment surrendered. For that we have different methods such as interactive patient education video which shows how several procedures are done, intra-oral camera and pamphlets.

We utilize an intra-oral camera at no cost to the patient to be able to visualize their dental needs such as:

  1. Possible treatment of the gums (debridement, root planning and scaling)
  2. Crowns
  3. Bleaching
  4. Restorations that are necessary for a healthy mouth status.

Therefore, patients are able to see their own oral condition and smartly decide on what treatment option to receive according to their financial and priority situation.

Another aspect of receiving an intra-oral camera and clinical evaluation is the advantage of seeing the treatment before and after completion. Visually the patients are able to judge the quality and function of services received.

We like to provide quality care in a relaxing atmosphere. Not everybody has had a pleasant experience in the dental office. Not everybody likes to go to the dentist. We can point to several reasons such as:

  1. Poor receptionist/customer service
  2. Feeling of being just one more patient in the dental chair
  3. Dissatisfaction with the dental care surrendered
  4. Dissatisfaction with the hygiene provided
  5. Inappropriate dental insurance filling
  6. Uncleanly Facility
  7. Lack of personalized and individual care
  8. Others.

However, we, at Dansville Family Dental Care strive for a positive change of attitude towards oral care for you and your family, because we DO CARE about your personal, emotional needs and for the ones you love the most. We DO CARE about the patient’s concerns, What type of care we provide and How we provide.

The patients can sit back, kick their feet up and watch their favorite TV channel or just watch a pleasant DVD movie. During extensive dental treatment, our Computer/ TV flat screen plays an important feature for patient relaxation and be able to stay longer in the chair. Children love it!!!!

Service’s Provided

Dr. Teachout is a general dentist practitioner. She likes beautiful and health smiles. No matter what age the patients are. She cares about their overall health as an individual. She cares about her patient’s self-esteem, how the patient sees himself or herself in public and their financial concerns. She will strive for an optimal care at a reasonably cost-effective treatment plan for her patients even if it is a long-term commitment. She also provides financial arrangements for payment of services through the “Care Credit” financial services.

The services provided, but not limited to are:

  1. Restorative Dentistry (removal of old fillings and replacement, removal of dental decay)
  2. Preventive Dentistry (sealants, preventive restoration of adult and children’s teeth, gum treatment)
  3. Cosmetic Dentistry 
    • Replacement of missing teeth (bridge, restorative implants, dentures and partials)
    • Shaping uneven or broken teeth and changing a smile by Chair side veneer, laboratory veneer, crowns
    • Extreme Makeover by changing the color of dark teeth thru “One hour Bleaching Procedure” in the office, Home Bleaching or Bleaching only one tooth at a time which may have received root canal in the past.
  4. Root Canals ( anterior, bicuspid and molar teeth)
  5. Extractions ( or removal of un-restorable or undesirable teeth )
  6. Gum treatment ( debridement, root planning and scaling)
  7. Referral system to excellent qualified specialists of high standard care and personal touch

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